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By Matt Youngmark

You are a crammed bunny and it is the finish of the realm. among you and your target are 40 or fifty ­zombies gorging ­themselves at the flesh of the residing. when you conceal your self as considered one of them and check out to sneak prior the feeding frenzy, flip to web page 183. if you happen to seize a tire iron, turn out and get medieval on their undead asses, flip to web page eleven. Zombocalypse now's a comedy/horror ­reimagining of the choose-your-own-ending books you grew up with. you can be faced with undead hordes, ­internet ­dating, mistaken police method, and the very actual ­danger that you're going to lose your grip on fact and finally end up stark raving mad. The zombie apocalypse hasn't ever been this a lot enjoyable.

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That’s what the bolt cutters are for,” Ernie grins, digging through his duffel bag. He gets to work on the fence while you scout the premises for guards. At first, the place appears to be abandoned, but then you spot a guy in a hard hat with a clipboard wandering around on the far side of the facility, probably on a smoke break. “I thought you said there would be armed guards here or something,” you say when you get back to the spot where Ernie is still cutting chain link. You distinctly remember your friend mentioning the need for overwhelming force.

There’s no way you’re taking the fall for this. You take off for the back door, hoping there is one, and Mittens falls in right behind you. As you fumble your way around in the dim light, you hear the door opening and low voices muttering back and forth. Mittens finally stumbles across an exit and the two of you haul ass down the back alley. Before you get far, though, you hear a loud crack and your leg explodes in pain. You fall to the ground, and another crack sends Mittens tumbling right on top of you.

He asks. ” Ernie might, but you want to keep this simple. ” you answer. Wait a minute. Come looking for you? That’s a weird question. Why would he ask you if . . Oh, no. “Good,” the guard says, raising his weapon and shooting you in the face. ” You walked right into that one. THE END Back 32 Since you don’t really have a plan in place for dealing with an unexpected zombie apocalypse, you figure the hardware store is as safe a place as any to ride this thing out until it blows over. You lock and barricade all the doors, and settle down for the night.

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