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By Maxim Bolt

Through the Zimbabwean hindrance, thousands crossed in the course of the apartheid-era border fence, looking for how you can make ends meet. Maxim Bolt explores the lives of Zimbabwean migrant labourers, of settled black farm staff and their dependants, and of white farmers and bosses, as they intersect at the border among Zimbabwe and South Africa. concentrating on one farm, this e-book investigates the function of a hub of salary labour in a spot of trouble. a detailed ethnographic research, it addresses the complicated, transferring labour and lifestyles stipulations in northern South Africa's agricultural borderlands. Underlying those demanding situations are the Zimbabwean political and financial concern of the 2000s and the intensified pressures on advertisement agriculture in South Africa following marketplace liberalization and post-apartheid land reform. yet, amidst uncertainty, farmers and farm staff try for balance. The farms on South Africa's margins are facilities of gravity, islands of residential labour in a sea of casual preparations.

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Even before the recent increase in numbers of Zimbabweans crossing the border, Zimbabwe–South Africa migration had been entrenched for over a century. However, its patterns and effects varied over time. As Chapter 3 of this book shows, crisisrelated displacement often underlay Rhodesian labour migration. Peaks of Rhodesian migration to South Africa were the result of famine and violence at home, throughout the twentieth century. In western Zimbabwe during the violent anti-dissidence campaign of the 1980s known as Gukurahundi,16 labour migrants ‘were terrorised .

Land redistribution – both in the form of A1 (smallholdings) and A2 (small- and medium-sized commercial farms) models – has represented a complete restructuring of the agrarian economy. It has meant the end of a broad divide between large, generally white-owned commercial farms and communally held land in black reserves. And the allocated land has presented new livelihood possibilities to many Zimbabweans beyond a narrow elite (see Scoones et al. 2010). Nevertheless, fast-track resettlement schemes are beset by problems: a lack of security of tenure, with many occupants holding at best only an official offer letter; the sheer speed of implementation, making it difficult for officials to respond to unexpected complications; ambiguity about who holds ultimate on-the-ground authority; low productivity, in the context of wider crisis and extremely limited government support (see Matondi 2012; also Cliffe et al.

Minimum wage R989 during fieldwork. Of seasonal employees, packshed workers earned the most at around R1,000 because of overtime. Pickers received in the midR800s, because they were paid a piece rate calculated from the hourly minimum wage by assuming an overly ambitious work pace. In 2007, the exchange rate was around one British pound to R14. 20 Zimbabwe’s Migrants and South Africa’s Border Farms underlined the ZANU (PF) regime’s responsibility for cross-border displacement, when flight from state-sponsored reprisals against opposition voters brought recruits to the farms.

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