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By Barbara Bigelow

Provides fifteen excerpts from basic resources concerning international battle II, together with speeches, diary entries, newspaper debts, novels, poems, and memoirs.

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A 2: 380–81 Zealand A 1: 61 Zhukov, Marshal Georgi K.

Tibbets, Lieutneant colonel Paul W. ), 87, 2: 225–26 B 241, 274 P 17, 28, 61 Triumph des Willens (See Triumph of the Will) 30 Tinian Triumph of the Will A 2: 374 Trotsky, Leon B 249 Truman Doctrine B 285 P 123 Truman, Harry S. ), 265 P 174 V V for victory A 1: 48, 2: 371 P 10 V-1 (flying bomb) A 2: 353, 360 V-2 (rocket) A 2: 361, 361 (ill), 362 Vallon, Suzanne B 70 VE (Victory in Europe) Day B 282 VE (Victory in Europe) Day 31 Vella Lavella A 2: 318 Verney, Denise B 70 Versailles Treaty (See Treaty of Versailles) Veterans A 2: 406 Veterans of D-Day P 173–86 Vichy France A 1: 85, 146, 148, 2: 229, 232 B 65–67 Victor Emmanuel III, King A 2: 235 B 170 P 213 “Victory gardens” A 1: 111 P 81 Victory in the West A 2: 376 “Victory tax” P 72 Vienna A 2: 211 Viet Minh A 2: 416 Vietnam A 1: 84, 2: 416 B 221 Vilna A 1: 134, 2: 280 Virginia Military Institute (VMI) B 148 Vistula A 2: 280 Vistula River A 2: 295 Vogelkop (New Guinea) A 2: 321 Voices of D-Day: The Story of the Allied Invasion Told By Those Who Were There P 177–84 Volga A 2: 244 Volksdeutche (ethnic Germans) A 1: 133 Vom Rath, Ernst A 1: 160 Von Choltitz (See Choltitz, Dietrich von) 32 Vella Lavella W WAAC (See Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps) WAC (See Women’s Army Corps) Waffen-SS A 1: 162, 2: 293 WAFS (See Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron) Wagner, Richard A 2: 377 Wainwright, Gen.

Slovak National Rising. ), 295–97, 301–04 Soviet-Japanese Neutrality Treaty (1941) A 1: 87, 2:220 Soviet-Polish relations A 2: 282 Spanish Civil War A 1: 13, 21, 2: 224 Spanish-American War B 54 Special Operations Executive (SOE)–British A 1: 155, 2: 353–55 Spies A 2: 349–56 (See also Intelligence) Sri Lanka (See Ceylon) 28 South-Eastern Europe SS A 1: 148, 160, 164–65, 166, 176, 179 B 86, 87, 108, 126 P 112, 114 St. S. ) Steinbeck, John A 2: 383 Stewart, James B4 Stilwell, General Joseph W. I.

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