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By Merrily A. Kuhn RN MSN PhD, David Winston AHG

The moment variation of this pocket advisor provides the necessities of natural treatment and dietary supplementations, combining the conventional and medical worlds. Dr. Kuhn has a PhD in body structure and is writer of 2 pharmacology textbooks; Mr. Winston is a standard herbalist in perform with a local American heritage.

The booklet covers one hundred fifteen herbs which are usually on hand within the usa and Canada and 15 dietary supplementations. insurance of every herb contains conventional and present makes use of, hazards and toxicities, and a bibliography. This version contains 15 new herbs.

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The most com mon herbs available in the United States and Canada are reviewed. Many herbs have demonstrated scientif ic value; however, some herbs that do not yet have scientific research support a re discussed because they are com monly sold. Part III . The section about supplem ents includes products that a re very popular, such as glucosamine, chondroitin, and coenzyme Q10. The inf ormation given f or each supplem ent includes its scientif ic name; common na me; biologic activity; nutritiona l sources; current use; available forms, dosage, a nd a dministration guidelines; pharmacokinetics; toxicity; contraindications; side effects; long-term safety; use in pregnancy/lactation/children; drug/herb interactions; and bibliography.

8 any new drug develop f rom random screenings. In the past 10 years, pharmaceutical companies have once a gain begun to search the plant kingdom f or new bioa ctive phytochemicals, but now they use ethnobotanists and even old herbals to do the preliminary sea rching (Holland, 1996 ). They have realized that for hundreds or thousands of years, indigenous people depended on these herbs to trea t illness. Keen observers of their world, native people used wha t worked. In addition to the knowledge of preliterate peoples, the accumulated folk wisdom of Europe has been printed in books since the 1500s.

Frequently, we hea r complaints tha t herbs a re poorly studied a nd, as such, are dangerous. It is true tha t the research on most herbs ca nnot compare to the 10 yea rs of FDA clinical trials required for new drugs. B ecause herbs a re rarely pa tentable, it is highly unlikely tha t any company is going to invest the time (a pproximately 10 yea rs) and money (approximately $350 m illion to $500 m illion) to ha ve an herbal product approved a s a new drug. Herbs and supplements are sold in the United States a s dietary supplements, with no resea rch necessary before being sold.

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