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By Philip J. Davis

Why Victorian Literature nonetheless Matters is a passionate safeguard of Victorian literature’s enduring influence and significance for readers drawn to the connection among literature and existence, interpreting and pondering. * Explores the prominence of Victorian literature for modern readers and lecturers, during the author’s designated perception into why it truly is nonetheless vital this present day* presents new frames of interpretation for key Victorian works of literature and shut readings of vital texts* Argues for a brand new engagement with Victorian literature, from normal readers and students alike* Seeks to take away Victorian literature from an entrenched set of values, traditions and views - demonstrating how very important and resonant it's for contemporary literary and cultural research

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As so often, Elizabeth Sewell is marvelous in registering her protagonist’s anxious sense of bottled-up outrage forced to express itself as mere irritation. indd 23 6/26/2008 7:48:59 PM Victorian Hard Wiring also reveals Mrs Anstruther’s own concern as to how far that irritation is indeed petty – or is made so by the external disregard of the principles it struggles to stand for. Here is a long passage that I take to be just the sort of thing a merely casual modern reader – but not a real reader – would dismiss as old hat: Mrs.

The pressures were there anyway, and should be, inside any life that seeks and questions direction, purpose, and meaning. ” That – the wrestling and the need – was the first religious impulse, and deserving of the name religious howsoever it was subsequently resolved. The religious impulse seemed to James central to the human psyche, whatever the form of the personal experience of it. I am saying that, in the same spirit, we need to take seriously the phenomenon of “wanting to believe” – the position characteristic of some Victorian struggles in being caught between believing and not believing.

With regard to this, I cannot say how powerless I feel. The little influence which I thought I had gained at home is entirely neutralized here. … It is in vain to fight against the inevitable. Mrs. Randolph shall come or go, without any remark from me. So also I will not inquire whether Ina knew of the visit and kept it from me. Ignorance is as often wisdom as it is bliss. I am not required to stand upon my right if I am not supposed to be aware that any right has been infringed; and if Ina were to tell me – as no doubt she would – that her grandmamma had forbidden her to mention that Mrs.

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