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By B. G. Sidharth

This ebook addresses the various baffling questions encountered on the ultimate frontier of house and time relating to particle physics and cosmology within the context of contemporary iconoclastic observations and advancements. whilst particle physics stagnated within the early seventies, a brand new improvement emerged - String concept. For the prior 25 years, String conception, popularly referred to as the idea of every little thing, has mesmerized not only scientists, but in addition most of the people. but a better scrutiny at the present time finds that it really is not more than a mathematical surprise. It has neither expected whatever nor has it been wherever close to verification. we're primarily the place we have been within the early seventies. one other power challenge that Einstein had deserted was once the unified description of his idea of common Relativity that bargains with the Universe at huge and Electromagnetism that is to do with debris. this sort of description is critical whether it warrants an intensive departure from our time-honoured principles of house and time. A shiny spot has now seemed in Cosmology. Iconoclastic observations some time past years have proven that the Universe is admittedly accelerating, pushed by way of a mysterious darkish power. This ebook takes the lay reader via those uncharted waters and mind-boggling advancements on an unbelievable trip from the extremely small to the farthest stretches available, through such mind's eye defying thoughts as additional dimensions and a number of universes.

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They move in opposite directions. One, proton1, let us call it, goes from point O to point A when we observe it. In the meanwhile the other has gone from point O to point B. Now let us say that our observation finds out the momentum of the first proton when it reaches A. This momentum we find to be in the same direction OA. Immediately we can conclude that the proton 2 at B at that very instant has the same momentum but in the opposite direction OB. We are quite sure about this because of the law of conservation of momentum.

By the very act of observation we have reduced the mysterious Quantum mechanical experiment to a classical experiment. Here observation means an observation of the electrons to know through which slit they have passed. What we can conclude from this latter experiment is that the Quantum mechanical wave function no doubt contains both the possibilities of the electron going through slit number one or the electron going through slit number two. So the wave function is a mixture of these two possibilities.

Would anyone take him seriously? After he returned to Copenhagen, he was persuaded by Rutherford to go ahead and do so. Albert Einstein too invoked Planck’s quanta to explain the photoelectric effect. Thus, he argued, if the electromagnetic radiation impacting the metal plate were a series of quanta, rather than a stream of waves, then these quanta could kick out electrons which lay trapped in the middle requiring this exact same amount of energy to be liberated. That is how, the energy of these quanta or equivalently the frequency or wavelength of the radiation is crucial: waves with the wrong quanta, though plentiful in number would not do the trick.

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