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By David A. J. Seargent

This ebook is, in a feeling, a sequel to David Seargent's first Springer publication Weird Astronomy (2010). while Weird Astronomy prolonged over a extensive diversity of simply astronomical subject matters, the current paintings concentrates on phenomena towards domestic; the atmospheric and "shallow area" occasions in place of deep area occasions. the road among astronomy and meteorology is blurred - a indisputable fact that is mentioned in Weird Weather. it's not basically a booklet of "wonders" or of the unexplained, even supposing the various themes coated stay mysteries. it really is essentially directed towards those people who are enthusiastic about weather and climate, and who're open-minded whilst contemplating Earth's weather, what drives it, and what are the factors of weather swap. the writer, David A. J. Seargent, provides the proof with a balanced and medical approach.

Weird climate: stories of Astronomical and Atmospheric Anomalies is set unusual, strange, and it sounds as if inexplicable observations of the air and sky. essentially those are within the Earth's surroundings, yet there are corresponding phenomena within the atmospheres of different planets of the sun approach - lightning on Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, whirlwinds and mud storms of Mars, and auroras on Jupiter. themes comprise anomalous lighting fixtures, anomalous sounds, excellent results of cloud illumination by way of the solar or Moon, lightning phenomena, electrophonic sounds of lightning, aurora and meteors, twister and whirlwind phenomena in the world and Mars, traditional atmospheric results, mirages, and the potential astronomical affects on cloud and climate.

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Perhaps some of the organic material in the depths of space really does have a biological genesis. This is not as strange as it may sound. Comets pretty clearly abound in great numbers around most of the stars in the universe. If even a small proportion of these have at some time acted as sites of simple biological activity and if even a small percentage of these shed their load into space through the activity typical of such bodies, it would appear inevitable that some biological material ends up floating around in the void!

Rather, they are density waves that propagate around the galactic disk. As the density wave passes, interstellar material is compressed into starforming regions and the resulting crest of star birth is what we see as the spiral arm. Near the galactic center, the orbital velocity of Fig. 4. Diagram of Milky Way Galaxy showing Sun’s orbit (following J. H. Taylor & J. M. Cordes, 1993, Atron. Jnl. 411: 674–684) 20 Weird Weather the stars within the disc is larger than the speed of the wave. In the outer regions the speed of the wave is larger.

Now, spiral galaxies are not the most common types. Indeed, they constitute only about 5% of the galactic menagerie yet they appear to be the ones most likely to harbor life bearing planets. Why is this? The reason goes back to the evolutionary process mentioned above where large stars of one generation enrich the interstellar medium with heavy elements from which a more “metal” rich succeeding generation is born. It seems intuitively obvious that stars forming from material that has been significantly enriched with heavy elements are the ones that we would expect to have planets in orbit around them and, indeed, this has been precisely what has been found.

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