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She looked at me and without a word I took her hand and led her to the table where we used to have our lunch every day. She lay down on the table and I slowly started unbuttoning the front of her top. Slowly the soft mounds of her plump milky breasts became visible. She had the loveliest nipples the colour of pink rose petals. I took one in my mouth and felt it stiffening against my tongue. Slowly I moved my tongue around the nipple, enjoying the smooth hardness of it. I started moving my lips down her soft heaving tummy while I pushed up her skirt around her hips.

It felt like my penis was undressed somehow. ” I asked. “A little,” Maureen said, touching my penis with her finger. ” she asked. ” “Oh no, she said, wrinkling her nose. ” We looked at each other for a while. ” “Well, that would work too” I said, taking her hand and guiding it to my slowly stiffening penis. Slowly she started jerking me off, staring down intently at my penis’ head as it slid in and out of her fist. I could feel her warm breath on my cheek as I looked down, too. I looked at her soft lips just centimetres away from mine and touched her lips with mine.

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