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3000 RPM and then release throttle abruptly LED must go out briefly (indicating deceleration fuel shut-off has been activated) Volkswagen Corrado 1990 - 1994 Fuel Systems Supercharger Exhaust Engine Electrical Fuel Injection, AFC System (Page 24-140-1) Idle and full throttle switches, checking and adjusting The idle switch I signals the Digifant control unit that the throttle is fully closed for the following functions: fuel cut-off during deceleration idle speed stabilization ignition timing control during idle (DIS function) and deceleration The full throttle switch II signals the Digifant control unit that the throttle is fully opened for the following function: injection quantity during full throttle enrichment Voltage supply, checking disconnect throttle switch harness connector (arrow) connect test adaptor VAG 1501 to harness connector throttle switch connector remains open switch Fluke 83 multimeter to 20 Volt range connect multimeter to terminals 1 and 2 of VAG 1501 test adaptor using jumpers from VW 1594 adaptor kit switch ON ignition must be approx.

Attach protractor 3084 to throttle shaft using magnetic adaptor 3084/1 fasten protractor pointer to throttle cable sleeve using circlip using screwdriver, push throttle lever to full throttle stop with throttle in this position, set protractor to 10 slowly close throttle until lever 1 just makes contact with lever 2 (arrow) read value on protractor must be 5 3 before full throttle stop If NO adjust by-pass valve on connecting rod 3 Notes For full throttle switch checking/adjusting see section 24-140.

100 RPM disconnect blue coolant temperature sensor harness connector CAUTION! Do not start engine with coolant temperature sensor disconnected. The control unit will go into open loop making accurate adjustment impossible. 4 volume % If NO check OXS control, see section 24-110 after repairs or replacements have been performed, install new plug over CO adjustment screw Notes After adjusting the idle speed, reconnect the crankcase ventilation hose. If the CO content then changes, this is not due to improper adjustment, but rather to oil dilution caused by short distance driving and insufficient warmup.

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