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Example: Texcoco (tay-SKOH-koh) Rewrite each boldface word from the reading to show how it is correctly pronounced. Divide each word into syllables. Write the accented syllable or syllables in capital letters. Use a dictionary if you need help. The first one has been done for you. 1. Mexico ___________________ MEX i co 3. legend 2. cactus ___________________ 4. Spanish ___________________ ___________________ 45 UNIT 2 Lesson 6 HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY WORDS Special Lines of Latitude N FRIGID ZONE temperatures there range Take a look at a globe from warm to hot.

4. S. Congress often enacts new ____________________ to protect the rights of citizens. 5. One who is ____________________ is unfriendly and may be warlike. • Circle a word to correctly complete each sentence. Use context clues to help you select the appropriate word. 6. The ( cartographer / legislation ) drew a map that showed the new boundaries between counties. 7. Italy was a ( devastation / fascist ) state when it was ruled by the harsh dictator Mussolini. 49 8. In an act of ( neutrality / genocide ), Hitler ordered the murder of millions of Jews.

A very rich deposit of ore 3. _____ rodeo d. a donkey 4. _____ patio e. a small wild or partly wild horse of America’s southwestern plains 5. _____ mesa 6. _____ bonanza f. a courtyard around which a house is built, or a paved area near the house 7. _____ adobe g. a large, high rock with steep sides and a flat top 8. _____ burro h. competition in which contestants ride horses and rope cattle PRONUNCIATION Some of the difficult names in the reading are rewritten to help readers pronounce them correctly.

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