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By Vincent R Gingery

Описание самостоятельного изготовления станка по металлообработке - вальца.
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Refer to detail 38 on page 33 as we make this part. Cut a piece of 3/8" x 3/4" flat bar 10 inches long. Drill and tap a 1/2" - 20 hole in one end. The crank shaft will thread in to this hole. The other end of the crank arm mounts to the bottom roll shaft so drill a 1/2" hole for it. A 1/8" notch is shown cut from the end of the crank arm and into the 1/2" hole. A 1/4" hole is drilled through one side of this notch and the other side of the notch is drilled and tapped 1/4" - 20. A 1/4" - 20 bolt 3/4" long slips through the drilled side of the notch and threads into the tapped side.

The handle is held on the shaft with a 5/16" flat washer and a 5/16" - 18 bolt 1/2" long screwed into the end of the shaft. See the exploded view in detail 41 on page 35. Slide the completed crank assembly onto the bottom right side roll shaft. Drive in the 1/8" roll pin, and tighten the 1/4 - 20 bolt. CRANK HANDLE DETAIL 4 0 34 35 DETAIL 42 Congratulations! Your slip roll project is now complete. It is best to securely mount it to the edge of a sturdy bench, or you could take the project one step further and custom build a stand for your slip roll.

An 1/8" hole is also drilled through the side of the crank arm. An 1/8" roll pin 3/4" long is inserted through this hole and through the hole in the shaft. Both these methods of securing the crank arm are used because a great deal of pressure is applied to it as we turn the sheet metal through the rolls. 33 DETAIL 39 See detail 39 on page 34 for a drawing of the crank handle shaft. It is a piece of 1/2" round rod 5" long. Thread one end 1/2" - 20. Drill and tap a 5/16" - 18 hole in the other end.

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