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Scientists believe coronae are formed by flowing material from the planet’s mantle. The mantle of a planet is the thick layer of rock that surrounds the planet’s inner core. Above the mantle is the crust, which is a relatively thin crystallized 40 Features of Venus This Magellan image shows Artemis Chasma, which encloses the Artemis Corona, the largest known corona on Venus. This corona is so large that the part of the United States that stretches from around Denver all the way to the West Coast would fit inside.

They examined things such as cloud particles and atmospheric composition. 29 VENUS VEGA MISSIONS AND BEYOND The Russian space agency continued to send up more Venera orbiters and landers, while the United States began a new series of missions called Vega. Vega 1 and 2 orbited Venus and flew by Halley’s Comet as it entered the Solar System in 1984. Vega 1 and 2 also projected weather balloons into Venus’s atmosphere to study the planet’s three-tiered cloud layer. S. spacecraft named Magellan successfully mapped most of the surface of Venus, sending back images that were clearer than anything from earlier missions.

Gravity—The force between objects that make them attract each other. The force of gravity increases as objects come closer together and decreases the farther apart they are. greenhouse gas effect—The warming and planetary changes that occur when too much solar radiation is trapped by a planet’s atmosphere. Kuiper Belt—A region of the Solar System beyond Neptune that is composed of small icy bodies and comets. probe—Any kind of spacecraft designed to explore extraterrestrial objects and send back data to Earth.

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