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By Nathan Archer

Sisko needs to preserve an odd unidentified flying object with strength to damage Deep house 9 out of the palms of the Cardasians.

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Doctor," O'Brien said, "are you sure they asphyxiated? " "Well, it might be, I suppose," Bashir admitted, considering the suggestion. "I don't know that much about the species, and perhaps hard radiation breaks down the gas-transport capability of their circulatory fluids. " "The air in here seems just fine," O'Brien said. Then he hastily explained, "I mean, for them it's fine, it'd kill any of the three of us dead as mackerel in half a minute. But that's chemically--as far as radiation goes, it's toxic soup.

They have not fired a shot. " "Not deliberately," Sisko amended. " "That agreement was designed to give them access to the wormhole and Gamma Quadrant, Command- er; it wasn't to allow them to terrorize Bajor. " Kira demanded. " Sisko frowned, and Kira pressed her momentary advantage. "Commander, they've shorted out pre- cious equipment with their sensors, they've terrified innocent people .... " Sisko began, but Kira cut him off. She wasn't finished speaking. "We all lived under the Cardassian occupation," she said.

Just who did Kaidan think might be listening in, either in the station commander's office or aboard the Cardassian's own ship? "Private enough," he said. Kaidan put down his cup. "One can never be too careful," he said. " He made an odd gesture with one hand that Sisko judged to be the Cardassian equivalent of a shrug. "I have, of course, noticed that there seem to be some difficulties occurring within the Cardassian Em- pire," Sisko said. " "I would have thought you would have heard, even here," Kaidan replied.

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