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There is no reason at all why the excess of electrons gathered at the cell's negative pole should not speed their chain-reaction effect through the conductor, into the bulb, where their fierce energy will be partly used up as heat that will make the filament glow, then on through the conductor to the positive pole, where there is a shortage of electrons, and back, through chemical action within the cell, to the negative pole to start the whole thing over again in a continuing operation. And now, if you've got your breath back, return to page 1-58 (56A) for the answer that fits all these facts.

IT 0337 1-48 47A YOUR ANSWER: From Page 1-50 (48A) False. The electron flow produced by a chemical source of EMF does not result from a potential difference created by chemical action. Wrong. Let us try to make this plain: Electrical energy is obtained by conversion of some other form of energy. By "conversion", we mean that this other form of energy is used to establish an electrical imbalance - a situation in which one site has an excess of electrons while another has a deficit of electrons. This is true of all the kinds of energy that are converted into electrical energy.

Those electrons are taken from the positive pole. Thus the positive charge of a battery will always be precisely equal to the negative charge, although, of course, opposite in polarity. Now return to Page 1-53 (51B) and select another answer. 1-61 IT 0337 60A YOUR ANSWER: From Page 1-55 (53A) True. There are exactly as many electrons flowing past one point of the circuit with the battery and bulb as there are flowing past any other point in that circuit. You are correct. In the water circuit, there was only one route the water could take.

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