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By Francine Rivers

2001 Christy Award winner!
Book 2 within the Lineage of Grace sequence by way of best-selling writer Francine Rivers. In her trademark sort, Francine tells the compelling tale of Rahab from the publication of Joshua. Readers will achieve a clean figuring out of God's paintings in the course of the lifetime of this not likely girl within the lineage of Christ.

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Salmon grimaced at the memory of his father’s complaints and self-pity, for they hinted of the old rebellion and the unchanged attitude of a man’s heart. Lord God of mercy, save me from such thinking, he prayed. Make me the man You want me to be—a man of courage, a man willing to step out immediately when You say go. It was too easy to sneer at the mistakes of others. Such arrogance. Salmon knew he was no better than the man who had fathered him. The danger was in looking too far ahead. He must wait, as Joshua was waiting.

I have attempted to remain true to the scriptural message in all points, adding only what is necessary to aid in our understanding of that message. At the end of each novella, we have included a brief study section. The ultimate authority on people of the Bible is the Bible itself. I encourage you to read it for greater understanding. And I pray that as you read the Bible, you will become aware of the continuity, the consistency, and the confirmation of God’s plan for the ages—a plan that includes you.

Fear swept through her for their sake. Did they think the guards posted at the gates were fools and wouldn’t see through their disguise? She must get their attention quickly. One look at these wary fellows and the guards would be on top of them, swords drawn. By tomorrow morning, their heads would be lopped off and their bodies tied to the wall! ” The taller one stopped and looked up at her again. ” His mockery stung, but she swallowed her pride and answered plainly. ” She kept her tone teasingly seductive, for they were close enough to the gate that one of the guards might take note of the conversation.

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