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That includes delicious recipes from mom Bromcie's kitchen; assistance with controlling flatulence at aerobics; actual existence letters together with one from a woman from Bristol entitled "fart shui made me fall in love"; and famous person costs, this booklet may still entice the bottom-end of the industry

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Thanks to M. Fisher and Andrew Linington of NUMAST journal for this story) Many people have written to me since I published The Complete Book of Farting; some are embarrassed about their farting and want to cover it up, some of them want to stand up and be counted as farters, but they all have stories to tell. In their honour, I have printed a selection of their confessions here. Hi, my name is Dave, and I'm a farter. In the mornings, my family and I all get in the car to drop off the children with the childminder, and then my wife gives me a lift to the station before she drives off to her own work.

My astrologist sister, Alicia Bromcie, helps you find your farting soul mate Aries (21st March to 20th April) • Competitive • Adventurous and energetic • Pioneering and courageous • Enthusiastic and confident • Foolhardy and daredevil Arien subjects are courageous leaders and as such they are the first in a room to let rip. As followers they can be troublesome and will sulk if someone beats them off the mark. In their personal relationships, Ariens are frank and direct and make food friends. If you are too shy to fart first, get together with an Aries who will lead the way for you.

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