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The reputable military instruction manual, now on hand to everyone.Military demolitions are the destruction through fireplace, water, explosive, and mechanical technique of parts, buildings, amenities, or fabrics to complete an army target. The U.S. military Explosives and Demolitions guide is a consultant to using explosives within the destruction of army hindrances from the dep. of the U.S. military. This advisor contains details on forms, features, and makes use of of explosives and auxiliary apparatus; training, placement, and firing of fees; security precautions; dealing with, transportation, and garage of explosives; planned and hasty demolition equipment; and lots more and plenty extra. acceptable to nuclear and nonnuclear war, and having offensive and protecting makes use of, the information one will come away with from studying this guide is beneficial. two hundred black-and-white illustrations

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Since this sealant is not permanent, fire underwater demolitions as soon as possible after placing them. M2 CAP CRIMPER 1-68. Use an M2 cap crimper (Figure 1-17) for squeezing the shell of a nonelectric blasting cap around a time blasting fuse, standard coupling base, or detonating cord. Crimp the shell securely enough to keep the fuse, base, or Military Explosives 1-21 FM 5-250 cord from being pulled off, but not so tightly that it interferes with the operation of the initiating device. A stop on the handle helps to limit the amount of crimp applied.

Align the axis of the charge with the direction of the desired hole. •Use the pedestal to obtain the proper standoff distance. Military Explosives 1-13 FM 5-250 •Suspend the charge at the proper height on pickets or tripods, if the pedestal does not provide the proper standoff distance. •Remove any obstruction in the cavity liner or between the charge and the target. M183 DEMOLITION CHARGE ASSEMBLY CHARACTERISTICS 1-48. An M183 charge or satchel charge consists of 16 M112 (C4) demolition blocks and 4 priming assemblies.

One leg of the handle is pointed for punching cap wells in explosive materials. The other leg has a screwdriver end. Cap crimpers are made of a soft, nonsparking metal that conducts electricity. Do not use them as pliers because such use damages the crimping surface. Ensure that the crimp hole is round (not elongated) and the cutting jaws are not jagged. Keep the cutting jaws clean, and use them only for cutting fuses and detonating cords. Punch Crimping jaw Screw-driver end Cutting jaw Figure 1-17.

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