Download Twisted Journeys 1: Captured by Pirates (Graphic Universe) by Justine Fontes, Ron Fontes, David Witt PDF

By Justine Fontes, Ron Fontes, David Witt

Fit your wits opposed to a band of pirates at the excessive seas and take a look at to defeat them--or subscribe to them! each Twisted Journeys(tm) photograph novel helps you to keep an eye on the motion by way of picking which route to stick to. Which twists and turns will your trip take?

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They describe a way for free men to live together in respect. Profits are shared fairly, based on effort, skill, and risk. Besides, your time with the buccaneers has given you an appetite not just for smoked meat, but for adventure. You sign your name and accept your share of the swag. Captain Jack keeps his promise. Before long, you have found Father! He is much thinner but hasn’t starved to death, thanks to the Arawak Indians. He has embraced their peaceful way of life—and even married an Arawak woman!

You fall into a deep sleep but have a horrible nightmare about Father walking the plank! Turn to page 42. 37 38 When Captain Jack calls for music, you try to play the violin. But you’re so hungry, your hands shake. You burst into tears. The pirates are disgusted. ” “Let’s put the spoiled puppy out of its misery,” someone suggests. The next thing you hear is the POP of a pistol. You wonder why the sky is suddenly farther away as you fall to the ground, never to hunger again in this lifetime. THE END 39 Missing you by inches, the Spaniard’s sword gets stuck in the rigging.

47 48 Go on to the next page. “I’m sorry, child,” Captain Jack says. “I know I promised we would return for your father this morning, but I am only a pirate captain. ” “But Father’s island isn’t far from the Endeavour,” you protest. “You saw the vote,” Jack replies. You shudder, recalling the men’s laughter when their captain reminded them of their promise. To the buccaneers, Father is just a joke, the Crab Master. But to you… Captain Jack sees your expression. “Don’t give up hope. ” You want to believe him.

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