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By Mark Garland

Whilst Quark agents a profitable deal to exchange trellium crystals from the Gamma Quadrant for gold-pressed latinum, the potential of revenue turns out too stable to be real. it truly is. beautiful quickly, Deep house 9 is lower than fireplace from a minimum of 3 varied alien races, every one accusing the others of robbery, piracy, and worse. Then, indignant Klingons get entangled, and so do the Ferengi... Odo would not brain seeing one in all Quark's schemes backfire, yet now not while it areas the total station in the midst of a taking pictures warfare that will devour all of them!

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Bring us one hundred eighty degrees about," Dolras ordered. He watched closely as the anomaly circled to the Toknor's stern. Good, he thought. "Set a direct course for the wormhole and prepare to go to warp. " Dolras looked up. " His science officer turned, forehead ridges damp with sweat, his expression intensely serious. "I am still evaluating our data," Kotren said. Our lack of data, Dolras thought. He knew Kotren was giving his captain and crew everything he had. Some years ago, Dolras would have censured the young officer even so, but not now.

Still, they were Klingons: they would perform their duties, and he would do the same. "Divert as much power as possible to aft shieldsT" he said. " "Enemy torpedo closing," Kotren announced. "Configuration unknown. " Dolras ordered. If they could detonate the enemy torpedo before it hit their ship, they would be spared the worst of its effects. Thrann fired the Toknor's fourth torpedo. Dolras tensed as it flew a brief intercept course and met the incoming torpedo exactly. "No effect," Thrann said.

Two more Aulep, one of them female, entered the dining room carrying large polished trays laden with steaming bowls. The aroma reminded Sisko of stewed tomatoes. "I do a little cooking myself," Sisko said as Flenn led the way to the table. "Let me know what you like, and we'll see that you get the recipes," Flenn said as he showed Sisko to a well-padded chair. The first bowls contained some kind of soup, a light brownish broth rich with chunks of unfamiliar but tender vegetables. Sisko leaned forward and sniffed, savoring the smell and the moist warmth of the steam rising to his face.

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