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By Amlan Datta

Transitional Puzzles: Reflections on Social, financial and Political matters is a set of essays on India. impressive for its jargon-free readability, the booklet is meant for the typical guy who seeks to appreciate the India he lives in. The articles provide uncomplicated research of advanced rules, facing different and sizeable matters similar to values in a moving Indo-Western state of affairs, schooling and in occasions of political alterations, sustainable progress, industrialization and social reconstruction, substitute fiscal order, better schooling in India, Gandhism, human values, and Indian democracy. The discourse additionally introduces unique techniques equivalent to Life-World and Neo-Radicalism.

This assortment may be a useful resource of information for a large readership; the common trained reader will locate the content material such a lot enriching. in addition to, it is going to additionally carry the curiosity of these concerned about the experiences of Sociology, Politics and Economics.

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What happens when you put these two things together? Just as an individual has an ego, a group has a collective ego. When you think of yourself as belonging, let us say, to a particular religious community, that particular religious community has its own collective ego and this collective ego can be very aggressive—very aggressive under special circumstances. Under some special circumstances in the history of United States, the Blacks and the Whites began to coexist. But the Blacks have their own collective ego and the Whites have their own collective ego, and these two collective egos clashed.

Here is a proposition which most people receive with an immediate nod of assent. Yet it is open to serious objection. Granted that there is something substantial to be said in favour of that proposition, there is also something to be stated against. Is it right to fix the boundaries of the word ‘we’ so very narrowly? Our children and grandchildren live on, so we should hope and act in that hope. Tomorrow is another day as important and as real as today and, under certain circumstances, it is even more important.

This was done quite early to facilitate sheep farming. The Enclosure Acts of the 18th century came closer to what can be properly called the Industrial Revolution. There are a few special points to bear in mind for an understanding of the English experience. It was common among families of English landlords to send out younger brothers for non-agricultural occupations, such as long-distance commerce, leaving the management of land to the care of the eldest brother. Thus the English family system could be more easily adjusted to the requirements of an industrial transition.

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