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This thesis offers traffic engineering thoughts for mobile packet radio networks which are utilized yet now not constrained to the factors GPRS and EGPRS and will be built-in into the radio interface means making plans procedure. they're in response to a complete functionality assessment of web and Multimedia purposes for the appropriate mobile situations, procedure parameter settings and protocol recommendations which are anticipated for the evolution of GPRS and EGPRS networks. also, optimized algorithms for traffic administration and caliber of provider administration, comprising connection admission regulate in addition to scheduling, are built. Their functionality is evaluated and in comparison to present implementations. From the traffic functionality research, in response to the present and optimized process types, traffic engineering ideas are derived. they are often used for quantitative radio interface dimensioning via community operators, apparatus owners or approach integrators. Examples for the applying of the traffic engineering ideas are provided for GPRS evolution situations and an EGPRS advent state of affairs. whereas the examples are in response to the present criteria GPRS and EGPRS, the techniques constructed during this thesis are legitimate for all packet radio networks.

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With this procedure the signaling load on the air interface is minimized, since the network need not know about the exact cell location of the MS when it is not active. Additionally, the VLR does not have to be updated by the SGSN, as long as the MS is staying inside one LA. The RA that does not exist in GSM networks without GPRS support was introduced to speed up the paging procedure and lower the signaling load for paging. The number of cells in an RA is generally less than or equal to that of an LA.

The Frame Check Sequence (FCS) field consists of a 24-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) code that is used to detect bit errors in the frame header and information field. 3 LLC Frame Transmission The LLC layer performs an ARQ protocol based on retransmissions after timeouts or frame loss detections and optionally uses bitmap-based selective acknowledgements. 1 LLC Modes LLC can operate in acknowledged and unacknowledged mode. 10). Neither LLC error recovery nor reordering procedures are defined, but transmission and format errors are detected.

The user plane is responsible for data transmission, when packet data transfer is actually requested in uplink or downlink. To realize the transfer between the correct network nodes with adequate performance characteristics, the user plane protocols need certain information such as addresses of peer entities, the status of network elements or requested protocol options. This information has to be provided at the beginning of a session and has to be kept up-to-date during an ongoing session, while the mobile user might move around with his terminal or use different services in parallel or consecutively with idle periods in between.

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