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By Carey Rockwell

The 3 cadets of the Polaris unit raced down the Academy box towards the mercuryball a plastic sphere with a vial of mercury inside of.

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Go to Atom City and have yourself a good time. Report back to the Academy tomorrow at eighteen hundred hours. " The three cadets saluted and left the room. In the corridor they slumped against the wall. " "You can say that again, spaceboy," sighed Astro. " "Come on," said Tom. "We've got twenty-four hours to soak up as much of this Earth as we can. " Without a word, the three cadets left the Tower building and made their way to the monorail station, where they would catch the streamlined express to Atom City.

Maybe we've got Vidac pegged wrong. Maybe--" "I thought of that, Tom," interrupted Roger. " asked Tom. "Your report to Captain Strong," Roger replied. "You sent it to him ten days ago. " "He's out on Pluto," said Astro. " "You know the rules," said Roger. " "You're right, Roger," said Tom finally. " asked Tom. " Tom shook his head. " "Yeah," growled Astro. "I been watching the way that guy Smith takes care of the power deck and, believe me, it makes me burn. " cried Roger suddenly. " asked Tom.

The blond-haired cadet's lips were pulled tight in a grim line. " he exclaimed. " asked Tom. " Tom was alert, anticipating Roger's answer. " Tom slammed his fist on the desk. "That proves it! " He flipped on the teleceiver near by and asked the central communications operator to connect him with the governor's office. In a moment the face of Christopher Hardy sharpened into focus on the screen. " asked the governor. "I'd like to talk to you, sir, if I may. " "Well, whatever it is, I'm sure Governor Vidac will be able to take care of it.

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