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Hoshimo, S. Jida, and M. Sugimoto, Baltimore, MD: University Park Press, pp. 436–437. [2] Snoek, J. , New Developments in Ferromagnetic Materials, New York: Elsevier, 1947. , H. , ‘‘Ferrite Core Inductors,’’ Bell System Tech Journal, Vol. 32, Mar. 1953, pp. 265–291. [4] Slick, P. , US Pat No. 3,533,949; filed Nov. 21, 1967, issued Oct. 13, 1970. , ‘‘Novel Matching Systems for High Frequencies,’’ BrownBoveri Review, Vol. 31, Sep. 1944, pp. 327–329. [6] Ruthroff, C. , ‘‘Some Broad-Band Transformers,’’ Proceedings of the IRE, Vol.

A) The high frequency model of Ruthroff’s 1:4 balun (Figure 4-1b) adds a direct voltage V1 to a delayed voltage ÀV2 as in the basic building block connected as a phase inverter. It can be shown that the high and low frequency responses are the same as his 1:4 unun. Two other comments can be made regarding this approach to a 1:4 balun. They are: 1. Unlike Guanella’s balun, this one is unilateral; that is, the high impedance side is always the balanced side. When the center of the load, RL, is grounded, the high frequency response is greatly improved.

The outer braid, which was bare, came from RG-58 coax. 5 W, which predicts a characteristic impedance of 25 W. 0 Frequency (MHz) 10 100 Figure 5-2 Experimental results are shown for a low impedance coaxial cable transformer as a function of impedance levels. Z0 ¼ 22 W. conductor and insulation yields a value of 15 W. 75 W (25% higher). Since a larger braid (RG-58 instead of RG-22) was used, and therefore more spacing occurred between the inner and outer conductors, the characteristic impedance rose to 22 W.

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