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By Catherine Coulter

Set in King Edward's medieval England, this interesting old romance grants the trademark wit and brilliant characters that fanatics have come to recognize and love from number one New York Times bestselling writer Catherine Coulter.

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Even at the most inconvenient of times, which this most assuredly was, a man never turned down his king’s request, and so the king’s parchment, carefully wrapped in oilskin, rested safe against Garron’s chest all the way from London to East Anglia, to Oxborough, the seat of the Earl of Oxborough, Lord Severin of Langthorne-Trent. He didn’t have the slightest wish to read the king’s missive, and only sighed, thinking of the three days added to his journey to his new home. On the other hand, Garron hadn’t seen Severin since the king had sent him to Oxborough nearly a year and a half before, to become the dying Fawke of Trent’s heir and son-in-law.

She didn’t know if she’d be as accurate as he’d been, but she’d have liked to give it a try. Aye, he’d been very sure of himself, and he’d not doubted his own skill. She liked the looks of him but she knew all too well he could be as rotten as Sir Halric. With men, she’d learned in her young life, one simply couldn’t be sure. As for women, she shuddered, her mother’s beautiful witch face, surely too young, clear in her mind. It was a pity Sir Halric had escaped, but she’d learned too that evil usually managed to slither safely away, never to die, always to return and wreak havoc.

Look behind you,” Garron said, as he leapt backward. Aleric called out, “Aye, fill your eyes, you fool! ” Garron said easily as he slashed his sword before him, “Either you leave now or you will die. ” He ran straight at Garron. Garron saw furious concentration and intelligence in the man’s dark eyes, unlike his men, who were all violence and no brains. This man was a formidable opponent, single-minded in purpose, and filled with pride. Was there desperation as well? No, he didn’t think so. He was a good fighter and he knew it.

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