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By Peilin Sun MD

This new version of The remedy of ache with chinese language Herbs and Acupuncture offers a radical and analytical assessment of the analysis and therapies for soreness, utilizing acupuncture with chinese language natural medication. according to the scientific event of the writer and supported via that of acupuncturists in chinese language universities, it deals a complete and specified set of remedies for a large choice of discomfort indicators and prerequisites, and comprises certain transformations of the remedies, to help medical perform.

Although discomfort syndromes are frequently advanced, regarding either mental and actual problems, leading to occasionally hesitation in identifying an accurate therapy, there are nonetheless a few short-cut how you can in attaining a winning end result. hence, the fundamental intentions of the authors are very clear:

To display the practitioners easy methods to differentiate the medical occasions and the way to set up the corresponding remedies.

To illustrate the right way to observe chinese language herbs logically and the way to consist an acupuncture prescription kind of and successfully.

  • Thorough exploration of the aetiologies and pathologies for discomfort within the context of conventional chinese language medication
  • Clear dialogue of the rules of remedy, acupuncture element choice and mix
  • Detailed clarification of natural and acupuncture remedies for universal and intricate soreness stipulations
  • Deals comprehensively with the most common medical providing signs
  • Provides treatments and alterations to those plans, supplying extra strategies for the practitioner
  • Includes particular and helpful case histories
  • New bankruptcy on remedy of soreness in childrens
  • Separate sections for the gynecologic stipulations
  • Includes Western-named stipulations
  • Red Flags for practitioners to point occasions that are most likely life-threatening or harmful
  • Suggested remedies now contain acupuncture in addition to natural remedies
  • Following on from each one therapy a analysis is now provided

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Moreover, excessive sexual activity or giving birth to several children may decrease Kidney-Essence, leading directly to a deficiency of Qi and Blood. In all these conditions, the muscles and Tendons will not be nourished properly, leading to pain in the entire body. Chronic febrile disease, improper treatment with hot herbs and even overeating spicy and hot food may gradually consume the Yin in the body. Poor constitution, old age and excessive sexual activities may also cause consumption of the Qi and Yin of the Kidney.

As well as the unilateral pain, she had headache, irregular menstruation, a poor appetite and numbness on her tongue. Her tongue was red with a white coating. Her pulse was wiry. Explanations Diagnosis ¡ TE-5, the Connecting point, and GB-41, the Confluence point, of the Governing Vessel, promote the Qi circulation in the Lesser Yang channels and relieve the unilateral pain ¡ PC-6, the Connecting point of the Pericardium channel and Confluence point of the Yin Linking Vessel, regulates the circulation of Qi and removes the Qi stagnation ¡ BL-18, the Back Transporting point of the Liver, regulates the circulation of Qi and removes the Qi stagnation ¡ SP-6, the crossing point of the three Yin channels of the foot, regulates the Qi and removes the Qi stagnation ¡ LR-3, the Source and Stream point of the Liver channel, may regulate the Liver-Qi and relieve the pain.

Improper diet Improper diet, such as eating too much high-fat and sweet food and dairy products, or drinking too much alcohol, or eating too much cold and raw food, may damage the Spleen and Stomach, leading to the formation of Damp-Phlegm or Damp-Heat in the Middle Burner, which in turn could stagnation of Qi and Blood, entire body pain occurs. Emotional disorders The Liver plays an important role in the emotional stability. It also regulates the Qi circulation and stores the Blood. Negative emotions, such as overstress and frustration, may cause stagnation of Liver-Qi, which in turn causes poor circulation of Blood and Body Fluids.

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