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By Dilip Kumar (ed.)

Subashree Krishnaswamy (Translator)

Spanning with regards to a century, this pioneering anthology deftly strains the evolution of the Tamil brief tale, a style that the Tamils have subsumed without problems to create illuminating glimpses of lifestyles. like any undying masterpieces, those eighty-eight finely etched tales will either carry you spellbound and jolt you from your complacency as they traverse in the course of the altering landscapes of other instances, highlighting right away the distinctiveness and the universality of life.

Culled from each to be had resource – little-known magazines from the flip of the former century and out-of-print variations from yesteryears to modern literary magazines and innumerable anthologies of either severe and well known brief fiction – the writings comprise not just stalwarts reminiscent of Pudumaippittan, Mauni, Sundara Ramaswamy and Ashokamitran, to call quite a few, but in addition unsung ladies writers and path-breaking smooth voices. conscientiously and sensitively translated, those nuanced, chiselled gemstones mirror approximately all of the aesthetic and political views that make up the Tamil brief tale. Rooted in realism and myth, framed on folklore and fable, steeped in irony and angst, underscored via humour and pathos, there's a tale for each reader, a narrative for you to without doubt depart an indelible imprint at the brain.

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The Tamil short story, therefore, had to journey through several stages before establishing itself, taking shape only after much deliberation among the writers. The pioneers who were quite familiar with Tamil’s classical heritage first encountered the short story in English and as translations of Western and Bengali literature. Enthused by the new form’s possibilities, they looked for various ways in which it could be teased out in terms of their own milieu and ethos. Naturally, the newly introduced genre threw up several challenges with respect to logic, convention, choice and treatment.

Tamil Dalit writings are remarkably nuanced. Ever since the 1930s, contemporary Tamil literary tradition had imbibed the spirit of social realism and had honed the short story in a manner that was capable of conveying a modern political idea or a position convincingly. This background perhaps inspired the Dalit writers to venture into the sphere of writing more confidently and shape their narratives with literary sophistication. Today, after centuries of oppression, we have Dalit writers like Bama, Sivakami and Azhagiya Periyavan who have broken their silence to write in a rich, earthy dialect.

The weaver birds remarked to their old friend, ‘Be careful. ’ ‘I quite like the idea,’ replied the tree. ’ With a chop of his axe, he pulled it down. ‘I don’t think you will work as a ship’s mast. Don’t worry, you aren’t suitable enough to be put for such use. ’ ‘What is paper? ’ asked the tree to the weaver birds who were flying here and there on its branches. ‘We don’t know. ’ The sparrows said what they knew: ‘Paper is the white thing on which people write and read. Earlier they were making it with rags.

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