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By David E. Wellbery

During this e-book, the writer has 3 goals: (1) to tricky an interpretation of Goethe's lyric poetry enough to the intricacies of its material; (2) to illustrate the importance of that poetry to the advance of ecu Romanticism; (3) to set up a style of inquiry that weaves jointly the foremost strands of theoretical mirrored image in sleek literary experiences. Remarkably sufficient, no learn of Goethe's early lyric poetry has been released in English within the final fifty years. however the interpreting of this poetry the writer provides isn't meant only to introduce an English readership to a tremendous physique of labor; quite, the e-book delineates for the 1st time in any language an account of the symbolic community or organizing delusion that underlies Goethe's person poems. This marks a decisive holiday with the former learn on Goethe, which has tended to view his poetry because the expression of occasional stories. the writer indicates, to the contrary, that Goethe's lyric paintings circles round a middle set of difficulties and figures, that it evinces a scientific coherence formerly unperceived regardless of a tremendous interpretive literature. within the literature on ecu Romanticism, attention of the German contribution has commonly been limited to the theoretical paintings of the Schlegel brothers and Novalis, and philosophers reminiscent of Schelling and Hegel. the writer contends that the tips they articulated have been first labored via in Goethe's astonishingly daring poetic experimentation. during this feel, Goethe's lyric will be visible to represent one in every of Romanticism's earliest and most important beginnings. as well as its interpretive and historic dimensions, The Specular second pursues a methodological goal. the writer has mixed the insights of linguistics, semiotics, psychoanalysis, social background, and philosophy in this sort of approach that they yield a strong and supple software of study. therefore, the booklet deals a completely constructed contribution to the modern debate on technique, a contribution that argues for interdisciplinarity, descriptive precision, managed conjecture, and, principally, appreciate for literary complexity and nuance.

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At this point, however, at least a provisional hypothesis can be stated: the lyric discourse that emerges in these two texts by Goethe takes effect by simulating, in the register of the imaginary, the fusion and presencing of the values Nature, Love, and Origin. The Origin or Source in question here is that of both poetry and subjectivity. Discourse analysis construes its task as the identification of general regularities governing the production and reception of statements. It analyzes the networks that connect discourses to one another in historically specific constellations, the spheres of practice and interaction discourses.

Es dringen Blüten (5) Aus jedem Zweig, Und tausend Stimmen Aus dem Gesträuch, Und Freud und Wonne Aus jeder Brust. (10) O Erd o Sonne O Glück o Lust! O Lieb' o Liebe, So golden schön, Wie Morgenwolken (15) Auf jenen Höhn; Du segnest herrlich Das frische Feld, Im Blütendampfe Die volle Welt. (20) O Mädchen Mädchen, Wie lieb' ich dich! Wie blinkt dein Auge! Wie liebst du mich! So liebt die Lerche (25) Gesang und Luft, Und Morgenblumen Den Himmels Duft, Wie ich dich liebe Mit warmen Blut, (30) Die du mir Jugend Und Freud und Mut -4- Zu neuen Liedern, Und Tänzen gibst!

The reader of the lyric text operates differently. He/she understands an individual utterance by developing inferences regarding the feelings and desires of the speaking subject; that is, through an effort of empathetic projection. 16 The task is no longer to relate the text to a normative paradigm, but rather to grasp, through an act of divination, the -12- subjectivity that alone gives the text its coherence. That is to say, the authentic utterances of the lyric call forth a hemeneutics of identification such as we find developed in Romantic hermeneutic theory from Herder to Schleiermacher, the inventor and canonizer, respectively, of the concept of divination in its hermeneutic sense.

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