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By Steve Lyons

The physician, Fitz and Compassion land on a bleak undeniable, close to a derelict urban the place mods and rockers are converging to struggle out their changes. whereas the health practitioner is taken prisoner by means of the rockers, Fitz is whisked away by means of the mods. it's Earth, England, and the yr is 2019.

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I’m dreadfully sorry, but I have an engagement that I can’t seem to get out of. ’ snarled the rocker, as the Doctor backed into him. 28 ‘Be careful, you almost dropped this,’ said the Doctor, handing his knife back to him and rubbing his hands together enthusiastically. ’ Fitz’s drink was thick, milky and bland. It left a taste of flour on his tongue. He took a long swig of it anyway, and left the metal cup against his lips for a while to disguise his keen interest in the milk bar’s other occupants.

I came to say I’m sorry about Alec. ’ ‘He was perfectly polite to me,’ said the Doctor generously, ‘on the surface. ’ He offered a hand, which the woman took. ’ ‘Sandra. ’ She mumbled the words slightly, as if speaking were an effort. ‘I see. ’ He didn’t give her a chance to reply. He walked briskly away from her, sweeping an arm wide. ‘This is a very interesting place you have here. Not very efficient, but interesting. Some of your attempts to create – oh, what do you call them? ’ ‘Oh, no, no, no, not at all.

A second later, Davey drifted back up over the edge of the hole and regarded him with a puzzled look. ‘What’s up? ’ The mods were going to give him the same ‘crashed spaceman’ routine as the rockers, Fitz realised. That bloody robot had probably reported his arrival to both sides. ‘They’re obsolete,’ he said. ‘We ride on beams of coherent light now. ’ Davey grinned. ‘The Brain monitors everyone in the tube. If you’re on a crash course, you get shunted aside. ’ ‘Oh, obviously,’ bluffed Fitz. ’ Davey dropped out of sight again.

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