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By Diane Carey Ira S. Behr Robert H. Wolfe Ronald D. Moore

The kingdom: The mysterious rulers of the worlds at the different facet of the wormhole. the kingdom: a ruthless planet-conquering race unknown even to these they rule. the kingdom: the main harmful foe the Federation may perhaps ever face. on the fringe of the wormhole, the distance station Deep area 9™ and the planet Bajor sit down on what's going to be front line in any Dominion assault. to attempt and stop the clash, Commander Benjamin Sisko ant his group take a never-tested Federation warship in the course of the wormhole to trace down and confront the kingdom. If Commander Sisko fails, not just the Federation, however the Klingons, Romluans, Cardassians, and the entire worlds of the Alpha Quadrant will face an interstellar battle they can't win.

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Maybe it is," she said. "Maybe I'm your friend. And maybe I want you to see that you're still needed here, regardless of what some idiot Starfleet admiral might think. " His eyes moved inside that formless face, but he didn't turn to her. Pushing the point, she went on. "Odo, we're taking an untried ship into what may be a combat situation. There's a Romulan officer aboard. " He kept looking out the window. Said nothing. Kira waited, realizing that the ultimatum might have been too much. He still wasn't talking.

Bajor falls. " Dax watched him for several seconds, giving him no hints about what she was thinking, or remembering. She let him sweat for a long time, until he was stirred with curiosity and ready to beg her to say what she had in mind. " "Until two months ago, I would've agreed with you. Then I went back to Earth and I spent all those weeks being debriefed at Starfleet Headquarters... I used to get a thrill just walking into that building. I used to look around at the admirals and think, One day that's going to be me.

We'll begin here. With the Karemma. From what we know, the Karemma evidently joined the Dominion peacefully and of their own accord. " Dax anticipated. " He started to explain more, probably more than he should have, but that was moot when the entrance door whispered open and a Starfleet security man came in, along with a less likely character--a female Romulan in officer's clothing. Around him, his crew instinctively stiflened up at the presence of this habitual enemy. They weren't making any aggressive moves, but they were ready to take their cues from him.

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