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By René Dirven †, Louis Goossens, Yvan Putseys, Emma Vorlat

The 4 papers offered during this quantity are corpus-based investigations into the which means of the verbs speak, talk, say and tell. extra in particular they need to discover how the scene of linguistic motion has been positioned into point of view by means of those 4 high-frequency verbs.

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You have been talking for the last two hours. A steady drone while I was reading. 10) b. As he talks, Roland is rubbing himself. 129) Further, talk most of all assumes the meaning of extensive linguistic action with implicative verbs such as stop, finish, go on, continue, start etc. These verbs imply that an action was already going on or in the case of start, that it may be engaged upon deliberately; in other words the action was already pre­ sent in the mind of the speaker: (17) a. b.  d. e.

A: Sp. B: Did you notice Millington was drinking too much at dinner? 22) (meaning: if you look at it from a narrow viewpoint). I thought it was philosophy we were studying, gentle­ men. Yes, sir, but philosophically speaking, sir — the ton­ sure being a symbol of continence... 24) (meaning: looking at it from the viewpoint of a philos­ opher). d. What remains to be described, then, are the 128 manner adverbials,23 mostly in -ly. As has already been pointed out, they characterize the tone of voice and the rhythm of uttering sounds with speak I.

C. d. Obviously, you don't believe he'll talk. 27) I'll be most surprised if he doesn't talk. 24) Even when I do talk, they shut me up. 173) A: Has he talked? — B: No. — A: Not a word? 37) It is not clear (to me anyway) how and why talk has assumed this specific sense in English, which in other European languages may rather be expressed by the equivalents of speak. 1 f. A remarkable constraint on the 'gossip' meaning of talk is that it only RENE DIRVEN: TALK 47 occurs — at least in the corpus — in the context of the plural subject people.

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