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By Karl Ricks Anderson

Church historical past is full of extraordinary tales of braveness and divine notion, yet usually we pass over the profound occasions that occurred to the Saints in Kirtland, Ohio. during this quantity, writer Karl Ricks Anderson brings to mild unprecedented occasions and divine manifestations that got in the course of these early years of the recovery. In Kirtland the Savior in my opinion directed His Church and taught His Saints by way of showing to no less than twenty-three Church leaders or via talking to them. Brother Anderson issues out that extra first-person phrases of the Lord have long gone out to the area from Kirtland than from the other situation within the heritage of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was once in Kirtland that Jesus Christ taught the realm approximately His project of the Atonement, the premortal and the postmortal worlds, and the constitution of the Church. It was once there He commanded that the 1st latter-day temple be outfitted. And it was once within the Kirtland Temple that the Lord started to restoration sacred ordinances for the salvation of His young children. The Savior's visits to Kirtland fulfilled millennia of delivers from the outdated and New Testaments in addition to from the ebook of Mormon. the tale of Kirtland is a narrative of Christ the 2 can by no means be separated.

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If he should unite with the Church of Christ, his prospects of wealth and affluence would vanish; his family dependent upon him for support, must necessarily share his humiliation and poverty. 73 Sidney Rigdon joined the Church in Kirtland at considerable sacrifice. Other members of the Church had great status and more material goods than did he and his family, but others had generally left their homes to gather to Ohio or Missouri. Sidney, a leader of great repute, stayed to live among people who knew him and who felt betrayed when he defected from their religion to join the Mormons.

After . . 34 In his ministerial assignment, he learned that the Lord had always required His people to make hard decisions, to sacrifice fame and worldly honor by choosing God over man. He had the integrity to be true to his conscience, which guided him not to trade his faith and beliefs for fame and fortune. His agonizing decision foreshadowed a future decision six years down the road. When the restored Church came to Kirtland, he would listen to a higher voice, and once again Sidney would reject fame and fortune as he resigned another ministerial post in Mentor, Ohio.

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