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Rhythms can be subtly altered to obtain particular effects in relaxation. Slowing down will deepen the effects, while quickening will start to alert people. Repetition is intrinsic to all forms of relaxation. Repeating significant words, phrases and rhythms is used extensively in hypnosis and has the effect of switching off the conscious mind and activating the unconscious.  floating on a cloud. You feel so light and relaxed, light and relaxed. Pauses have a number of important uses in relaxation.

Relaxation rooms vary from the simple to the elaborate and from cheap to costly. In this chapter we consider a number of suggestions for establishing and improving relaxation space. Examples of stockists of equipment mentioned in this chapter are listed at the end of the manual.  Essentials for Relaxation Quiet, Warmth and Comfort Without these conditions it will be practically impossible to establish relaxation. Quiet means free from continual background noises, sudden disturbing noise and interruptions.

One form involves putting far more effort into an action than is needed. This is quite common with motor movements of the hands holding a pencil so tight that it breaks, or gripping the steering wheel until the knuckles go white. It also applies to other movements, for example stomping rather than walking, or chewing on sponge cake as if it was toffee. Alternatively more muscles are used than are necessary to do a task. A driver may find that, rather than just use the muscle groups needed to steer, indicate, change gear and so Page 33 on, they have tensed from their shoulders to the top of their head.

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