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By Tim Fulford, Michael E. Sinatra (eds.)

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The text’s heterogeneous and heterogenous parts readjust and realign their various terms of reference through a poetry that uses these reality checks to dream a better future. ”20 This touching/not touching upon reality is what gives the signifier its material consistency as the trace of our contact with a reality always just beyond our reach, but to which our selves inevitably correspond in order to find their being. For Shelley, then, according to Mitchell, fiction is where the empirical tests its contact with reality—with the Real—upon the pulses.

Shelley thus at once attempts to encode the poem’s often inflammatory sentiments as innocuous folklore, to decode the folklore of history in order to unleash its repressed revolutionary potential to see the real, and recode this released energy as transcendent, renovating force for a future happiness. To do so, the poem has to get its fragile vessel for this transformation as far away from the earth as possible. 240–41), Mab shows her “In this interminable wilderness / Of worlds, at whose immensity / Even soaring fancy staggers, / .

15. William Eden, Some Remarks on the Apparent Circumstances of War in the Fourth Week of October 1795, London, 1795. 16. Adam Smith, Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres, ed. J. C. Bryce, Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1985, 112. 17. For the formulation of this problem as articulated here, I am greatly indebted to conversations and collaboration with Paul Keen. 18. Mary Favret, War at a Distance: Romanticism and the Making of Modern Wartime, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2009, 9. Further page references provided parenthetically in the text.

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