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By George A. Gonzalez

The superstar Trek franchise displays, conveys, and reviews upon the major philosophical tensions of the trendy period. This booklet info the way during which those tensions and controversies are manifested in big name Trek throughout its iterations, arguing that famous person Trek bargains an imperative contribution to our figuring out of politics within the glossy period.

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68 Conclusion The Star Trek franchise indicates that significant segments of the US public have a favorable view of internationalism, and even of world government. The 1986 movie Star Trek: The Voyage Home makes the explicit point that meaningful environmental protection cannot be attained in a global political system fragmented into discrete sovereign nation-states. Environmental issues like climate change demonstrate the prescience of Star Trek in advocating for a global political regime. Such a regime/government could serve as the basis for a peaceful society and environmental sustainability.

You knew what the Nazis were. Most efficient state . . ” Thus just as the United States was doing during the Cold War in its relations with underdeveloped countries, Gill prioritized political stability and expediency over virtually all other values. “A Piece of the Action” involves a remote planet (Sigma Iotia II) that a Federation ship visited one hundred years ago. This contact distorted the planet’s society because the ship left behind a book dealing with “gangsters. Chicago. Mobs. Published in 1992 .

Enterprise through assassination of Captain Christopher Pike. First action—suppression of Gorlan uprising through destruction of rebel home planet. Second action—execution of five thousand colonists on Vega Nine. K IRK ( INTERRUPTING THE COMPUTER ): Cancel. M C C OY : Now we know. The Captain Jonathan Archer (Star Trek: Enterprise) from the alternative universe declares, “Great men are not peacemakers. Great men are conquerors” (“In a Mirror, Darkly” 2005). The implication of “Mirror, Mirror” and “In a Mirror, Darkly” is, irrespective Star Trek, Utopia, and Pragmatism O 47 of their value system—whether Empire or Federation—humans can create and lead a vast interstellar political formation.

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