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By Catherine Badgley, John Kelley, David Pilbeam, Steven Ward (auth.), John R. Lukacs (eds.)

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The distribution of mammal fossils in middle and upper Siwalik deposits of the Potwar Plateau has recently been organized into a novel biostratigraphic scheme by Barry et al. (1982). This scheme was constructed on the basis ofthree independently established sequences representing time (paleomagnetic stratigraphy) sediments (lithostratigraphy), and fossils (biostratigraphy). The basic unit of this scheme is the biostratigraphic interval zone-the stratigraphic interval between two distinctive biostratigraphic events.

The difference in pattern between abrupt and gradual faunal changes may reflect a difference in timing of the causes of such changes (climatic, tectonic, accompanied by possible immigrations) rather than different causal agents. , elevation above sea level). These "physical" environmental changes may facilitate the sudden influx of foreign faunal and floral elements, resulting in relatively rapid changes in faunal composition and ecological character. The more diffuse changes probably reflect climatic, tectonic, and biological changes of an equal magnitude but at a slower rate.

Paleont. Conv. 1:23-28. , and Behrensmeyer, A. , Palaeoecol. 30:133-155. Barry, J. , Behrensmeyer, A. , and Monaghan, M. , 1980, A geologic and biostratigraphic framework for Miocene sediments near Khaur Village, northern Pakistan, Postilla 183:1-19. Barry, J. , Lindsay, E. , and Jacobs, L. , Palaeoecol. 37:95-130. Behrensmeyer, A. , 1983, Isochronous fluvial systems in Miocene deposits of northern Pakistan, Sedimentology 29:331-352. Flynn, L. , 1982, Effects of changing environments on Siwalik rodent faunas of northern Pakistan.

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