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By Nick Place

Hazy Retina used to be born out of concentration. He’s all blurry round the edges. And while he’s worried or embarrassed, he disappears thoroughly. He’s regularly considered himself as a freak, until eventually he will get a trip from the Australian Federation of Hero kinds. It seems he’s an access point Grade Superhero! Now he simply has to discover a few both low-grade heroes who're ready to affix his team—the okay crew. This hilarious event tale good points newspaper articles, cartoons, creditors handwritten notes, photos, transcripts, and graffiti. 

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I prefer to believe, evidence or not. Even now, when a Government scientist confirms that the golden streak was almost certainly a lost weather balloon, I’m prepared to trust my faith. It was him. The newsreader comes back onto the screen. ‘But first, an update on our headline story. ’ A blonde female reporter smiles at the camera, then assumes a serious face as the camera pans back to reveal another tangle of metal behind her. It might be a William Weld artwork, but in fact turns out to be a mangled white courier van.

HAZY RETINA. ’ ‘Yes, ma’am, I’m focus. I mean, I’m focusing. ’ Everybody laughs. I get a detention. I should be embarrassed, but I’m not. I’m too busy thinking about what just came out of my mouth, if accidentally. ‘I’m Focus,’ I said. Job done. I’ve got a Hero name. 54 The OKTeam text 54 30/10/07 3:56:45 PM Chapter 9 car crash T hat night, at 2 am, I’m standing shivering in a car park at the eastern end of the city centre, not far from Parliament House. From around the corner, maybe fifty metres away, a new-looking Ford sedan sails through the air on its side and slams into a concrete pillar, exploding the car and taking giant chunks out of the cement.

Not think, Hazy. ’ Now I’m unable to speak again. Leon laughs. ‘It’s OK, The OKTeam text 32 30/10/07 3:56:26 PM leon I understand you being speechless. ’ I look at the poster. ‘Yep. I was sixteen years old. Like you, I’d spent my entire life thinking I was a freak, although it took me a while to realise why people always seemed to look right through me. Then I realised what was happening to my physical body . ’ Leon waves a hand in front of my bedroom lamp, and watches the image of the lamp run across his skin.

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