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By Ziva Shavitsky

There were many legends and traditions concerning the ten misplaced tribes of the Northern nation of Israel. This e-book attracts upon huge discoveries and knowledge released in regards to the move of the folk of Israel and Judah from Davidic occasions to the sunrise of the Hellenistic interval. the writer has confirmed the biblical files opposed to archaeological proof, testimony and inscriptions present in Syria, Assyria, Babylon and Persia. In very many instances, the inscriptions excavated in those locations coincide nearly observe for note with the biblical checklist. The early chapters additionally examine proof of migrations and circulate by means of humans to neighbouring nations on account of looking sanctuary, exchange, marriage or in occasions of famine. proof has been stumbled on helping the idea that a number of the Northern Captives joined the tribes of the South who persevered to dwell independently until eventually the destruction of the 1st Temple. consequently it isn't only a topic of investigating the move of captives out of Judah and the Northern country but additionally extra facts present in the Bible or records that undergo proof to Jewish those who lived, traded or served in quite a few capacities in different lands. there's additionally a few transparent indication that some of the later captives joined their brethren who were exiled to different lands prior. The later chapters point out a few traditions and legends that exist between many tribes that to this present day hint their origins to the Exiles who belonged to the twelve tribes of Israel and Judah.

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Hammond (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992) 73. 2 Tiglath-Pileser listed a ‘Ra-hi-a-nu’ (Rezin) of ‘Šá-im¥ri-šu-a+a’ (Damascus), and ‘Me-ni-hi-im-me uruSa-me-ri-na-a+a’ (Menahem of Samaria) among those from whom he exacted tribute: Hayim Tadmor, The Inscriptions of Tiglath-Pileser III, King of Assyria: Critical Edition, with Introductions, Translations, and Commentary (Jerusalem: Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 1994) 68. 3 J. A. Thompson, The Bible and Archaeology, 3rd edn (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1982) 139.

They seized my feet. ) 3 Ashurnasirpal came uncomfortably close to Israel, but did not actually come into contact with it. ] of Damascus (Im¥rišu), 700 chariots, 700 cavalrymen, 10,000 foot soldiers of Irhuleni from Hamath, 2,000 chariots, 10,000 foot soldiers of Ahab, the Israelite (A-h†aab-bu matSir-’i-la-a-a), 500 soldiers from Que, 1,000 soldiers from Musri, 2 Cf. ch. 5 below. Translation by Albert Kirk Grayson, Assyrian Royal Inscriptions, Vol. II: From Tiglath-Pileser I to Ashur-Nasir-Apli II, Records of the Ancient Near East (Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz, 1976) 143.

Ba-ra-a b. uruHi-na-Wú-na Dabara, Daberath (ʺʸʡʣʤ, Josh. 19:12), near Mt. Tabor H†anathon (ʯʺʰʧ, Josh. 19:14), near Beth-heÓophah Valley (Sahl c. X€ -[... d. uruIa]-aÓ-bi-We e. uruSa-{€-[... f. uruA-ru-ma-a g. Tell el-Bedeiwiyeh?? Chisloth-tabor/Chesulloth (ʸʡʺ ʺʬʱʫ, Josh. 19:12; ʺʬʥʱʫ, Josh. 19:18), near Daberath YoÓbah (ʤʡʨʩ, 2 Ki. 21:19), near Beth-heÓophah Valley (Sahl elBaÓÓopf) Samh†una (ʯʥʸʮʹ, ʯʥʲʮʹ, Josh. 11:1), Khirbet Sammuniyeh on the north-west margins of the Jezreel Valley Rumah (ʤʮʥʸ, 2 Kgs 23:36), Khirbet er-Rumeh near BethheÓophah Valley (Sahl el-BaÓÓopf) Marom (ʭʥʸʮ, ʯʥʸʮ, Josh.

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