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By Daniel Bodi

This clean method of the tale of Michal, daughter of Saul and spouse of David, juxtaposes 3 particularly diversified interpretative tools: narratological, ancient, and heritage of traditions. In his first bankruptcy Bodi bargains a sophisticated political studying of the Michal tale, bringing to the fore the power-struggle among Saul and David that varieties its major intrigue. Michal's own tragedy foreshadows that of the Israelite monarchy and prefigures its finish. it's a detailed phenomenon in historical close to japanese literature that the tale of a girl may still function a way of criticizing the abuses of the monarchy and deconstructing the royal ideology. the second one bankruptcy compares the daughters of Saul and the daughters of Zimri-Lim. This eighteenth-century BCE tribal king of Mari provided his daughters Kirum and Shimatum to a similar vassal with a view to have the capacity to secret agent on him. Saul turns out to have performed whatever related together with his daughters Merab and Michal, either provided to David. the sad marriage of Kirum led to divorce. even though the assertion of the divorce used to be made by means of her husband in a public rite, it was once brought on via the royal princess-the first instance of a divorce initiated via a lady in old close to jap texts. The 3rd bankruptcy explores a wealthy number of rabbinic interpretations of key moments within the Michal tale. very important and sometimes little identified observations are drawn from either the Talmuds and from midrashic works similar to Abrabanel and anthologies like Midrash Rabbah, Yalqut Shimoni, Meam Loez and Malbim, including the reviews via Rashi and Qimhi. either the narratological research and the rabbinic interpretations aspect to David's guilt in the course of his dance in entrance of the ark. The rabbis certainly attributed the exile of the state to David's misdeeds. A cautious interpreting of the biblical texts facing the determine of David in his courting together with his first spouse Michal reaches an analogous end: he isn't precisely the guy he pretends to be.

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73. 63. J. Renger, ‘The Daughters of Urbaba: Some Thoughts on the Succession to the Throne during the 2. L. ), Kramer Anniversary Volume (AOAT, 25; Neukirchen–Vluyn: Neukirchener Verlag, 1976), pp. 367-69. 64. In 1 Sam. 27, the MT has ‘two hundred foreskins’. Both LXX Vaticanus and Lucianic versions have ‘one hundred’. The issue is decided by 2 Sam. 14, where the lower number is cited; so McCarter, I Samuel, p. 316. 65. W. Hertzberg, I and II Samuel: A Commentary (OTL; Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1962), p.

72 B Saul’s scheme related in this episode achieves the opposite of what he intended. It enhances David’s fame as an intrepid warrior and allows him to become an official member of the royal family. The success which accompanies David is taken as a ‘proof ’ by Saul’s anxiety-stricken mind that ‘YHWH was with David’ (v. 28). The success of a scabrous affair, however, is not necessarily a sign of divine blessing. With time one is able to sort out and distinguish the shades in human actions. ’73 4.

15— ‘You may not put a foreigner (nkry) over you, who is not your brother’— David was not the best candidate for kingship in Israel. In later times this fact provoked lengthy discussions among rabbis in both Talmudim. The rabbis in the Jerusalem Talmud (y. Sanh. 3) argue that Nabal would have been a better royal candidate than David: Hezron had three sons as it is written, ‘The sons of Hezron that were born to him: Jerahmeel, Ram, and Kelubai (klwby)’ (1 Chron. 9). Jerahmeel was the eldest son.

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