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Featuring in particular commissioned full-color paintings and archive and close-up images, this enticing learn tells the tale of the M14, the long-lived conflict rifle that continues to be in front-line carrier with US forces greater than 50 years after its first adoption.

The 7.62×51mm M14 select-fire computerized rifle was once the first US provider rifle for just a decade from 1957 ahead of being supplanted by way of the 5.56×45mm M16, but many accustomed to the M14 reflect on it the easiest rifle ever to determine US carrier. in line with the well-proven M1 Garand rifle, the M14 addressed the perceived "deficiencies" of the Garand in response to the latter's provider in international battle II and Korea. The M14 included a removable field journal and select-fire strength, and used a shortened model of the .30-06 cartridge - the 7.62×51mm NATO around - greater suited for a "battle rifle."

Though basically designed for a conflict in Europe, the place it is going to take its position along the opposite 7.62×51mm conflict rifles (FAL, G3, etc.) within the fingers of NATO allies, most likely the 1st wrestle use of the M14 was once with the 82nd Airborne department within the Dominican Republic in 1965-66. The M14 additionally observed motion in the course of the early days of the escalating US involvement within the Vietnam battle, even though it proved fairly too heavy and long for jungle utilization and used to be supplanted in that theater through the M16 in 1966-67. then again, a few military engineer devices persisted to exploit the M14 as did US Marines, who usually retained one or in each one squad. Even after the adoption of the M16, US troops in Europe retained the M14 till 1970 for compatibility with different NATO armies.

Although the M14 used to be meant to exchange 4 guns, specifically the .30-06 M1 Garand, the .30 M1 Carbine, the .45 M3 submachine gun (SMG), and - in its M15 and M14A1 versions - the .30-06 Browning computerized Rifle (BAR), this proved to be a very confident target. the hot weapon used to be deemed nearly uncontrollable on full-automatic within the SMG position, yet its 7.62×51mm around proved too mild for the BAR's squad automated weapon role.

Even so, the M14 has remained a Phoenix between US infantry guns, emerging repeatedly whilst a extra robust conflict rifle has been wanted. Its accuracy and reliability ended in its amendment and adoption in 1975 as a semi-automatic sniping weapon - the M21 - which remained the Army's fundamental sniper rifle until eventually 1988, even supposing seeing common provider in Iraq good after that date. because 2001 the M14 has visible a resurgence as a chosen Marksman Rifle, being hired by way of all branches of the U.S. army, particularly in Afghanistan the place the open terrain makes longer-range engagements universal. It has remained a manageable limited-use US infantry weapon for over 5 many years, and looks more likely to see motion anyplace US forces require a longer-range, actual conflict rifle for a few years to come.

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The XM21/M21 sniping rifle was used in Vietnam after the M14 had been replaced with most units. In his excellent History of Sniping and Sharpshooting, John Plaster discusses the pros and cons of the XM21: The ART scope was fairly accurate and fast, but it was also imperfect. Its greatest shortcoming was that its automatic range compensation was synched to a certain magnification. That is, when a shooter employed maximum 9X magnification, he was dead-on only at 900 yards; if he wanted to use 9X at 600 yards, the elliptical cam now put his shot much too high.

At the second crash site, two Delta snipers, Master Sergeant Gary Gordon and Sergeant First Class Randy Shughart, were giving overwatch sniper cover; however, when it became apparent that a Somali mob would reach the helicopter and likely kill any survivors, the two snipers were inserted to give covering fire for the survivors until help could arrive. After removing the injured crewmen from the helicopter, the two snipers began to engage the Somalis. Using their accurized M14 rifles, the two snipers held off the Somalis until they ran out of ammunition and were overrun and killed.

80) of the M14 and M14A1 rifle has an elevation knob and a windage knob which are used to move the rear sight aperture up or down and right or left respectively. Changing the position of the rear sight aperture causes a corresponding change in the location of the strike of the bullet. The elevation knob affects the vertical location of the strike of the bullet, while the windage knob affects the horizontal location. Both knobs make an audible click when they are turned. Each click changes the strike of the bullet a specific distance, depending on the range to the target.

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