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By Dorothy Clark

It's disgraceful how St. Louis's orphans are handled, and Mary Randolph plans to cope with it. She's misplaced her religion, yet she nonetheless has compassion and a force to assist innocents in want. If she has to conflict with by-the-book police captain Samuel Benton to guard them, she'll provide him a problem he will always remember. A poverty-stricken early life left Sam hungry for the social recognition now inside of his succeed in. yet pass over Randolph's feisty perseverance offers him moment innovations . . .

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Mary started walking, letting out a quiet sigh of relief when Ben fell into step beside her. He had looked poised to run, and if he decided to do so, she could not stop him. Her lips twitched at the idea of her raising her long skirts and darting among the shoppers on the walkway chasing after the boy. A puff of wind swirled up from the river, lifting a sour odor from Ben. She held her breath, waiting for the gust to cease, and glanced down. Tears filmed her eyes at the close sight of Ben’s grimy skin, the clumps of dirt and straw in his matted hair, his dirty and torn clothes.

She nodded, looked away from his disturbing, penetrating gaze. ” She started walking again. He fell into step beside her. “The plains tribes are a different matter, of course. ” A shiver slithered down her spine. She glanced at him, uncertain of how to respond. Up to now, hers had been a pampered life. She was not used to feeling afraid. ” Mary jerked her gaze forward. A young boy, panic on his face, was running toward them, a large man wearing a stained white apron in hot pursuit. Samuel Benton leaped into the boy’s path.

He did not know the entire story. She took a breath, held it, released it slowly. “I know you wish only what is best for me, James. And I thank you for that. Truly. But do not be swayed by Winston’s persuasive powers. His only regret is in losing the generous dowry Father offered for me. It would have cleared all his debts. ” She lifted her hand and tapped his chest. “Winston’s pocketbook chose me, James. ” She made herself look at him and forced the rest of it out of her constricted throat. ’” Anger darkened James’s face.

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