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In each iteration, in keeping with Jewish culture, thirty-six simply males, the Lamed-waf, are born to take the load of the world's affliction upon themselves. At York in 1185 the simply guy used to be Rabbi Yom Tov Levey, whose sacrifice so touched God that he gave his descendants one simply guy every one iteration, down to Ernie Levey, the final of the simply, killed at Auschwitz in 1943. This, then, is the tale of Ernie Levey.

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Alas," Mr. " "Mr. Grynszpan," the rabbi chirped sadly, "I ask you­ what pleasure do you take in terrifying us? Are we Just Men. to live with the knife before our eyes? I'll tell you what, dear Mr. Grynszpan-let us rather speak of something gay. " Having said which, and though the ancient joke was known to all of them, the rabbi fell into such a coughing and sputtering and gasping that they were afraid for him. But after the cus­ tomary exorcisms the crisis of laughter passed as it had come. and he reseated himself at the common table.

For a yes, for a no, she would stubbornly refuse her favors, and in her mania for coquetry she was quite capable of going two or even three days without one tender word, without one sigh. Was this a Jewish heart? So, though he could never accuse her of shamelessness, Ju­ dith had by the use of her charms acquired such power over the poor peddler that he even went so far as to wonder if he hadn't married a demon in the disguise of a marvelous woman. This gulf that they were digging night by night, where would it lead them?

I'm not a dog that . . who " Dropping his pack he marched forward with the flame, the impulse that rises from a feeling of righteousness. The girl, alerted by the sound of his advance, had fallen back into the shadow of a doorway. But when he saw her at ten feet, so beautiful in the shadow, he thought gently, Come now, it isn't she who owes thanks. . Scarcely tense, she watched him, one hand on the latch, ready for what might come. " she whispered breathlessly. " And with a wide, mocking smile ( in which nevertheless he seemed to see a fine shadow of regret) she swung the bucket, more than half empty, let it rest against her calf, saluted the young man with a brief bob of her mane and, breaking into an abrupt trot, disappeared in a splashing of water.

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