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Foremost among them are two sets of Maxims, which express moral precepts and commonplace facts. A collection of Proverbs, The Fates if Men (a catalogue of good and evil fortune), The Arts if Men (which surveys more cheerfully the talents with which people are endowed and reflects on God's bounty), The Runic Poem (an alphabet of verses), The Dialogue ifSalomon and Saturn (a battle of wits between representatives of Christianity and paganism) and an interesting collection of charms and riddles complete this rather miscellaneous group.

Lliterative Revival' (a remarkable resurgence of a distinctive group of fine poets who utilised alliteration, rather than end-rhyme, in a way which is comparable to that of Old English verse), and share features with later poems of the same school, especially in their use of allegorical figures within a dream framework. William Langland's famous political and social satire Piers Plowman (1365-90) has both of these features, as has the elegant spiritual allegory Pearl, a poem found only in the manuscript containing Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Beowulf describes several scenes associating poetry with music-making and conviviality, including the party in the meadhall to celebrate Beowulf's defeat of Grendel, the troll who for years has been oppressing the Danish court: p

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