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By Robert Scheckley

Whilst a mysterious alien lady from the planet Laertes convinces Dr. Bashir to gamble for her at Quark's gaming tables, issues look blameless adequate. but the extra Dr. Bashir wins, the extra issues get it wrong within the Federation: Ore ships vanish. Planets lose their surroundings. Suns move nova. The reason and impact is tough to appreciate, yet is confirmed through the weird Laertian technology referred to as Complexity thought. while Bashir attempts to forestall playing, a Laertian warfleet looks to strength him to proceed, whereas on this planet Laertes itself significant Kira and technology Officer Dax needs to conflict their method via chaos and hazard to discover the way to cease the Laertians -- and store Deep house 9™ and the Federation from utter destruction!

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She had to be a newcomer, and Dr. Bashir hadn't even seen her come aboard. Now he straightened up with interest. She was tall and slender, with a great mane of tawny hair that she kept in place with long silver pins. Her features were delicate, but there was a look of deter mination about her that saved her from mere prettiness. She would have been a standout anywhere; but here on DS9 she was like a radiant young goddess. She wore a long, pleated gown which mingled the colors of violet and ivory.

Bashir stepped into it, closed the half-gate as he was directed, and put his chips into orderly stacks in front of him. With Quark's help, he lined up the ornate ivory bet holder on the brag line. Lights flashed. "It's waiting for your initial bet," said Quark. " Bashir asked. Quark shrugged. "Since I represent the house, I am your opponent. Therefore I cannot advise you on the size of bets. " Julian shrugged and picked up a stack of chips at random and put them on the brag line. A sigh went up from the several other players.

Bashir repeated, not sure he had quite understood. "Since that terrible little person, Quark, won't let me gamble for myself, I'll hire someone to gamble for me. As long as this person is not a telepath. " "No, I don't suppose he can," said Bashir. "Any body with money is allowed to gamble-encouraged to, in fact. "Good. " Bashir said. " "True. " "I will be very interested," she said. "I believe I am a lucky person, and whoever gambles for me will have my luck. " She leaned over the table toward him.

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