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The foreign paper exchange discusses the entire spectrum of the pulp and paper and is designed for busy readers within the and its allied trades who want a thorough realizing of the alternate.

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Envelope manufacture. • Self-adhesive label paper production. • The photographic paper industry. • Newspapers. 29 THE I N T E R N A T I O N A L PAPER T R A D E • Laminate industry. • Merchanting. Reel conversion to slit reels and sheets Most paper mills run a finishing operation, but some trade finishing operations have now grown up where purchased reels are dealt with. Among the trade finishing processes carried out are the following: 1. Rereeling. Here defective paper is removed from the paper machine reels, and joins properly made.

Thus it can be seen that the qualities span the entire range from a container board to a sophisticated highly glazed printable grade for prestigious work in, for example, the sophisticated field of tobacco and cosmetic packaging. 18 World board consumption (million tonnes). 49 THE INTERNATIONAL PAPER ™ 30| 20 TRADE — 1 1 = — 10 1975 1985 1990 1994 3-19 World packaging paper consumption (million tonnes). The grade also makes an important environmental contribution in that the major raw material component in the production of this sector is recycled waste.

19 THE INTERNATIONAL PAPER TRADE During the water removal processes, the fibre mat shrinks all the time, while at the same time stretching a little under the tension of the fast-moving w e b of paper as it is transported through the machine, and care must be taken to drive the interlinked sections of the machinery in such a way that these dimensional changes are allowed for. The sectional electric/electronic drive of the machine is of the greatest importance to the smooth, trouble-free running of the paper machine.

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