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By Nathaniel Hawthorne

100 years after inheriting a seven-gabled condominium with a depressing and cursed previous, Clifford and Hepzibah are outdated and approximately destitute. Descendants of the cursed Colonel Pyncheon, they've got resorted to taking in boarders and working a suffering cent shop to aid themselves. whilst a far off relative, untouched by means of Colonel Pyncheon's curse, strikes into the gabled apartment and takes over the cent shop, her appeal and disposition brings luck to the store and the Pyncheons' scenario improves. however it quickly turns into transparent the undesirable success surrounding the home isn't really simply overcome.

The condo of the Seven Gables used to be encouraged by means of the gabled domestic of Hawthorne's cousin, and his personal family's involvement within the Salem Witch Trials. the radical, claimed by means of Hawthorne to be a romance, has been re-categorized, controversially, a number of instances as gothic horror, fiction, mystery, supernatural, or even delusion. it's been tailored for the monitor numerous instances, and encouraged H. P. Lovecraft's paintings in horror fiction.

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