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“I’m an atheist swimming in a sea of superstition, surrounded by way of well-meaning, sturdy individuals with whom I proportion a tradition and related issues, and there’s just one factor i will be able to do. i must laugh.” —PZ Myers
On his renowned technology blog, Pharyngula, PZ Myers has entertained hundreds of thousands of readers together with his infectious love of evolutionary technological know-how and his both infectious disdain for creationism, biblical literalism, clever layout conception, and different items of godly illogic. This humorous and fearless ebook collects and expands on a few of his preferred writings, giving the spiritual fanaticism of our occasions the gleeful disrespect it merits by means of skewering the apocalyptic fantasies, magical considering, hypocrisies, and pseudoscientific theories complex by means of non secular fundamentalists of all stripes.

With a fit appreciation of the absurd, Myers not just pokes enjoyable on the ridiculous tenets of well known religions but in addition highlights how the patience of Stone Age superstitions could have darkish results: interfering with our politics, slowing our medical growth, and restricting freedom in our culture.

Forceful and articulate, scathing and funny, The satisfied Atheist is a reaffirmation of the revelatory energy of humor and the truth-revealing powers of technology and reason.

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These products of genuine fusion had a great and important history which will concern us later. Here I would emphasize again their Greek character. The older ideas were not dead: there were waves of conservation, as for instance the emotion which grew up after Apollo's supposed defeat of the invading Gauls. We Greeks zn the East after Alexander 45 may conclude this chapter with a record of the attempt which one Eastern religion possessed of a theology and a will to conversion made to influence the Greek world.

Records that one Sagarios son of Magaphernes 'became a Magos for Mithras'. Dion of 'Prusa (xxxvi. ) quotes a 'song of the Magi': it is a legend of the repeated destruction of the universe, containing Stoic elements and probably due to a Magian (born or adopted) who seized on elements capable of being combined with his own beliefs, just as Philo seized on Logos speculation. This Magianism is detached from its national and cultural setting: its representatives can do their sacrifice and perhaps practise a little of what we call magic for private persons (the interpretation of dreams, necromancy, and spells to secure the affection of others or to do them harm).

So much for the word. We shall find an approximation to the idea in the story of Lucius (Ch. IX). There it is due to particular circumstances; according to. the story he had by Isis been delivered from the shape of an ass, into which he had passed as a result of incautious experiments in magic. Her cult was not new to him; he had prayed to her for the mercy which was thus vouchsafed, but after it his special attachment to her worship assumed a character of deep emotion prompted by gratitude and became a surrender of self with an accompanying element of moral reformation.

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