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By Nikos Kazantzakis

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Like his The final Temptation of Christ, literary grasp Nikos Kazantzakis’s The Greek Passion is a bold exploration of the pitfalls of a faith because it is practiced via its all-too-human fans.

The tiny Greek village of Lycovrisi is making plans its annual ardour play while its universal tranquility is ruptured through the coming of a bunch of starved refugees from a village destroyed by means of the Turks. The refugees, led by means of a righteous priest named Father Fotis, beg for the help of the villagers of Lycovrisi, yet are grew to become away by way of the domineering village elders, who each one have their specific purposes for refusing to aid. As tensions develop one of the villagers of Lycovrisi, their elders, and the outsiders, everybody in flip might be compelled to reckon along with his sins and search his personal route to salvation.

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Ph. -M. S. J. ” ( J. Daniélou, L’apocatastase chez Saint Grégoire de Nysse, RSR 30 (1940) 337). 46 In the Tomus ad Armenios of 437, at n. 10, Proclus afÀrms that one of the Trinity bacame incarnate and thus had suffered (cfr. Proclus of Constantinople, Tomus ad Armenios 10, PG 65, 865BD). The formula appears clearly in an explanatory letter of Proclus to John of Antioch, of which Liberatus has transmitted a passage: “Et unum ex Trinitate secundum carnem cruciÀxum fatemur, et Divinitatem passibilem minime blasphemamus” (in Liberatus, Breviarium causae Nestorianorum et Eutychianorum, PL 68, 990D).

Hübner, Gregor von Nyssa und Markell von Ankyra, in M. ), Écriture et culture philosophique dans la pensée de Grégoire de Nysse, Leiden 1971, pp. 208–209. D. Stramara contests this dating and situates the AdGraec in the context of the discussions during the second Ecumenical Council. But the result for the present discussion does not change substantially, since the author maintains that the purpose of the treatise was for “explaining the term ƱƲɝƴƺƱưƮ, not the theological metaphysics of ȹƱɝƴƵƣƴƫƳ and ưȸƴɛƣ” (cfr.

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