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By Emanuel Tov

This quantity includes 38 reviews dedicated to the septuagint. all of the reviews, initially released among 1971 and 1997, were revised, extended or shortened, and so they combine reports which seemed next to the unique monographs.

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Hagadol Exod. Abot de-R. Nat. ‫נושא)י( אדם‬ ‫ ]נשא‬y. Meg. and Yal. ‫נושאי‬ 9. : ‫בארץ מצרים‬ ‫ ]ובשאר ארצות‬y. : ‫ ;ובכל הארצות‬Midr. :‫ובארץ כנען ובארץ נ)ו(שן‬, so also Tan. ‫בארץ כנען ובארץ מצרים‬ 10. ‫( וישלח זאטוטי בני ישראל‬Exod 24:5) ‫ ]זאטוטי‬Midr. Hagadol Exod: ‫ ;זעטוטי‬Yal. : ‫זטוטי‬. The entire passage is lacking in y. , Abot de-R. Nat. and Soph. 11. ‫( ואל זאטוטי בני ישראלי לא שלח ידו‬Exod 24:11) ‫ ]זאטוטי‬Midr. Hagadol Exod: ‫ ;זעטוטי‬Yal. : ‫זטוטי‬. The entire passage is lacking in y.

The point of departure of the reconstruction is ‫ אבוס‬21 (‫ = אבוס‬fattened = σιτευτός) which appears in all sources of the list (in most of the lists ‫ שור‬comes in the first hemistich, while in some of them ‫ איש‬appears as in MT [see n. 30]). An examination of the translation equivalents of the LXX shows that ‫ אבוס‬in the list may reflect σιτευτός which in the LXX also translates ‫( שור‬that is, ‫ אבוס‬in the list = σ ι τ ε υ τ ό ς in the reconstructed LXX = ‫ שור‬in the Bible).

1). This list does not purport to represent the most conspicuous alterations and indeed anyone will easily find much more far-reaching differences between the LXX and MT, as for instance in the order of chapters and subject matter at the end of Exodus. What the passages in the list have in common is that they pertain to some central issues. These differences could easily be reinterpreted as alterations (like the ‫׳‬emendations of the scribes'). a. Translations deviating from MT based on Hebrew variants The following passages most likely reflect Hebrew variants: 12.

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