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By James Roy

A lot has replaced within the sky-city of Quentaris. With the Archon useless, darkish forces have come into play. New faces are showing, widely used ones vanishing, and the horrid Florian has claimed the throne. Then, as Quentaris slips quietly via a vortex into the watery global of the Yarka, Tab Vidler and her buddies without warning notice they're the city's simply wish. Plots, intrigue, magic, secret, excessive experience and extra - every little thing that you have come to count on from the Quentaris sequence!

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If Florian doesn‟t kill me, the reviews will! ‟ Tab felt something on her foot, and looked down to see a small, fluffy white dog sitting on it. ‟ she said to it. ‟ squealed Amelia, bending down to scratch the dog‟s head. ‟ „I don‟t rightly know,‟ Fontagu said. „It just turned up off the street and took a shine to me. ‟ he asked the dog, before groaning and shaking his head despairingly. ‟ Tab asked. „I‟ve named him after the dog in the play,‟ Fontagu said. ‟ Amelia said proudly. ‟ Fontagu appeared less than impressed.

It wasn‟t the rat. It wasn‟t Rat. The body of her rat was on the floor near its little triangular tunnel, in a small pool of shiny darkness, with its head lying a good pace or more away. She‟d seen it, registered what it meant, and reacted with a scream. And a fraction of a moment later the rat in which her mind was riding had squeezed and panicked and arched, and her mind had been ejected like a drunk from a chapel. For the second time that night Tab sat on her bed, her eyes wide and her heart pounding.

They stayed and watched from the royal box for a while longer, but after seeing Fontagu screaming insults at his poor, bumbling cast for twenty minutes or so, Tab turned to Amelia. ‟ Being the middle of the day, they went by the most direct route to the Grendelmire Infirmary, even though that took them straight past the lane that was believed to lead to Skulum Gate. „Don‟t even look down there,‟ Tab said to Amelia as they passed. „I know it‟s a bit creepy, but don‟t you ever wonder –‟ „No. No, I don‟t.

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