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By Michael Dahl

Teenagers like to inform jokes, and with The every little thing little ones' funny story e-book, they will by no means be at a loss for a superb one. inside of, they will examine: the world's seven most sensible limericks; monster jokes; nickname video games; cowboy jokes; mild bulb jokes; knock-knock jokes; and enormous quantities extra! And in the event that they ever cease guffawing, they could take a humor quiz to determine how powerful their humorous bone relatively is! not just does The every thing childrens' comic story ebook offer children with an never-ending provide of excellent fresh jokes, however it additionally bargains how to inform jokes, easy methods to carry a punch line, and the way to get laughs from friends and family!

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Sam: How do they get their fins into those little holes? Father Kangaroo: Why are you scratching? Mother Kangaroo: The kids are eating crackers in bed again. Sam: Can you name four members of the cat family? Mona: Papa Cat, Mama Cat, and two kittens. Mona: How did the pig write his name? Sam: He used an oink-pen. What did the leopard say after dinner? ” Sam: Hey! Your dog bit my ankle. Mona: Sorry, but that's as high as he can reach. Mona: How do you keep a wild elephant from charging? Sam: Take away his credit card.

I prefer other seafood,” said Tom crabbily. “I love arithmetic,” Tina added. “And I love correcting my mistakes,” Tom remarked. “That's my gold mine,” Tina claimed. ” Tom exclaimed. DIDJA HEAR? Didja hear about the police officer who arrested the young cat? He saw the kitty litter. Didja hear about the baby girl who wanted to play basketball? She had trouble dribbling. Didja hear about the taxicab driver who lost his job? He was driving away all his customers. Didja hear about the pet shop owner who couldn't get sell his porcupine?

They're all wrapped up in themselves. Why did the dragon cough during the day? Because he smoked knights. Why is Frankenstein such a good gardener? He has a green thumb. Where does Godzilla sleep? Anywhere he wants to! Did you hear about the old vampire who kept his teeth in the freezer? He gave his victims frostbite. The little vampire could never gain weight. His eating was all in vein. Why does the mad scientist like to eat a hot dog with a glass of beer? It's a frank and stein. Did you hear about the zombie hairdresser?

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